the problem with meritocracy and colorblindness…

Look, one of the colossal reasons that many Democrats and uber-left-wing, hipster, social liberals throw the word “racist” at Republicans is because of this whole “colorblind,” “meritocracy” thing some people like to espouse. I’m a history major—an amateur by academic standards, but hear me out. This doesn’t seem to be too difficult: If you drive […]

Teaching Whites about Trayvon.

From what I understand, children of color are taught how to navigate race and racism from an early age. White children, mostly, are not. And this seems inadequate for solving the complete problem. Touré has written another powerful piece, “How to Talk to Young Black Boys About Trayvon Martin,” in which he demonstrates how to […]

“Because it’s fun” is not nearly enough.

I’m sitting at home on a lazy Sunday afternoon reading a bit of light child development theory and – Hey, my wife and I are expecting our first child in a few months and I’m a dork. What do you expect?! Anyway, I’m sitting at home on Sunday reading about this cat named John Dewey […]